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12 things you learn from a two-year

If you ask a child about the adults around them, they would probably say we are crazy and we seem to be most of the time out. Here are some simple things we can teach ...

1. suspension when you are tired.
2. Eat when hungry.
3. Do not starve yourself, makes you tired and cranky. Eat often to follow small pieces.
4. stubbornly refuse to eat a bite as soon as it is completed. If you are tired after a few bites, cheerfully throw    the rest.
5. Leave the table with a full stomach and satisfied desire to delve back into the delicious life.
6. Be demanding and consuming foods that they love. If you are not sure you are keeping your lips closed and refuse    to eat until you feel better.
7. Be in awe of how amazing and wonderful that your body is. Watch as he moves, hugs, play, love, health and enjoy    life.
8. Run, jump, jump, play. Move your body, because it's fun and it feels good. You will be amazed at all the    incredible physical things your body can do.
9. Bring clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good.
10. Commends the people about what they are and not as they seem.
11. Meeting with fun, friendly people and stay away, media critic.
12. Do not feel good about yourself, because, well, why?

If you do not have a 2 year old at the time, look for one and watch them for a day. It's simple joy of life, and full respect for one's own body is desirable.

Results benefits Smartlipo Smarter

Fat loss is usually not a big deal if you go to the gym or spend hours on the treadmill or cardio equipment. But there is always a chance that you will lose some fat here or there without a trace in wider areas and issues or body parts. How often do you work out the hope of a flat stomach or thighs get respectable? The fat when it sticks to the body, has strange, such as the areas of the body where it simply goes results. SmartLipo is a technology or tool of medical science, which acts on the body to remove any stubborn fat deposit.

SmartLipo is similar to liposuction, but has more advantages and is able to give intelligent incoming events. Using a technique SmartLipo laser grid or melted fat or obese parts of the body produces less or no side effects and pain and suffering. This new method of medical science has demonstrated the ongoing revolution and is very popular among people with serious bodily sizes that are not so hard to come by train independently.

Some of the benefits or advantages of SmartLipo, allowing a better option than other treatments to reduce body fat:

1. In Contrast to other treatments (like liposuction) SmartLipo has a quick recovery, so you do not have to go through that tedious and time-consuming phase of healing.

2. With local anesthesia, the SmartLipo procedure is less traumatic and less unpleasant.

3. The Effects of bruising or swelling in very limited SmartLipo and for a short period.

4. SmartLipo Tightens and also binds the skin on the body to lose.

5. this technique to reduce or eliminate body fat is used to treat more than fat is accused of being a body in one session.

6. SmartLipo Is also good in the areas of treatment that is not possible, should be treated for the removal of fat. How knees, stomach and surrounding areas, face and underarms or forearm.

7. The Downtime or a session of rest required after the procedure SmartLipo is minimal or much lower compared to the judgment required by other treatments is that you return to your daily routine in a day or sometimes the same day.

SmartLipo has proven to be a very safe and effective method for eliminating or reducing the insert body fat stubborn and rigid, but these benefits and results of the procedure to follow some simple instructions for doctors to use.

And above all, always remember that this technique is a plus if you're a healthy lifestyle, disciplined eating habits and exercise routine in an active mode.

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Phentermine is an absolute rule to overcome obesity drugs

The cause of the obesity epidemic is mainly due to our own mistakes. Lack of exercise and poor diet can make our life a living hell. Obesity is directly related to heart disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. These health factors are so dark that sometimes can be fatal. If you believe a health problem that happiness does not deserve depression, pain and disease that needs to keep a balanced diet with a little daily exercise.

Speaking balanced diet does not mean that what we eat every day. Today the medical advice of a patient is possessed is slightly different. He advises an overweight person. A diet pill with exercises and controlled diet These diet pills are a short term solution to get rid of excess weight, and should not be taken for long. But these tablets have permanently delete the path to obesity and, in most cases.

Phentermine pill as a short-term diet eliminate excess weight. Phentermine diet pills are an attempt to stem the tide of obesity in a natural and safe way to decrease slowly. FDA approved drug routes to be effective against obesity. Helps to naturally suppress the appetite and increases metabolism to burn more calories. Phentermine diet pills stimulate the central nervous system and increases our heart rate and blood pressure always reduce our appetite.

Phentermine diet pills are effective in the short-term supplementation with a controlled diet and exercise to treat obesity. It is safe and gentle on the body. No report severe overdose occurred up to now expect a softer side after use is concerned. Dry mouth, insomnia, headache, dizziness and sweating are some of the side effects that are nothing more than the body usually is.

Sometimes Phentermine diet pills are addictive. So it is best to consult a doctor before use. Learn more about a doctor is the only one who can recommend the right dose for the right person, depending on the problem of obesity.

All diets work No job

Have you lost weight in the past only to find some time later? Do you have any diet including Atkins, South Beach people drink food, followed peanut butter diet or diet chocolate diet? All of these diets work, and none of them work, meaning you can and probably will not lose weight on any of them, but do not keep it. Why not? Since the day when the diet is over and you are back to your regular routine and; the same routine that got you fat in the first place.

In the past regime is a warning to stay no longer than the period; usually two weeks, some for only three days. Popular diets today try to style lifestyle, but it does not work well. People want to be able to eat a sandwich and. They want the burger and the bun! Strive for balance in the selection of food do you prefer, and you have a better chance of success in sustainable weight loss.

Small Changes: Big answer to weight loss Blues

Start today, and a day's work, that one or two small changes, such as switching to diet drinks after stopping two or a day (if you every day more than it is now, of course). Changes should not be dramatic. Actually try to drastic changes in your lifestyle never works, because if it is possible, in the beginning, to be happy, the wretched end presses gradually. In fact, that's the problem there: you anticipate an end.

Weight loss is reduced in the elections

Talk to people who have lost weight and kept it off. They will say: ". It's a Lifestyle" These are decisions you every day. They decide an additional part, but you are fully comfortable? Change this behavior and you on your way. They decide to take the bag of chips on the couch? Change that, in fact, just stop eating on the couch, you are one step closer entirely. Remove the user-defined type in a few bites on the way past the candy dish, which alone shave several pounds. Once I paid £ 8 is simply lost by the candy kept flat on my desktop (not to mention the saved not buying a few pounds of candy per week money).

Do not choose a small habit or behavior while all their existence, and you have a better chance of reaching your goals are weight loss.

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Phentermine makes your rapid weight loss

"I believe in weight than the last time I put you?" That is the question to his childhood friend mean? If you experience these problems, then it's time to find a doctor for your health. Obesity is a disease that is defined by the extension of the world. The human race could even removed this growing threat.

There is no particular theory about how obesity arises, but there are dozens of ways to get out. Popular among them are exercises, restricted diet, surgery, liposuction, diet and some not so popular terms pills as acupuncture and acupressure. Exercise and diet are secular natural way to lose weight. The process takes a long time. Surgery and liposuction can be a good option for relief but resumed operations, which means it is a costly process. So this is the best way to lose weight for the introduction of weight loss diet pills like Phentermine information on obesity.

Phentermine hydrochloride is a short-term anti-obesity drug that has been in use since 1959. The diet pill has been used along with physical activity and controlled diet. Phentermine diet pill stimulates the central nervous system, increases blood pressure and heart rate and all of them in turn help reduce appetite.

Besides largely appetite other factors, such as lack of exercise, laziness and hereditary factors may be the reason for their obesity. Get rid of overweight Phentermine works in suppressing the appetite for a person. The correct dose for your health care, you need to check the drug should be given.

Side effects of phentermine include insomnia, dry mouth, stomach pain, constipation, blurred vision, which in the early days, but side effects can occur stopped when his body on the pill. Precautions like telling your personal medical history to consider with your doctor. Special care should be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women and children in phentermine prescription.

Phentermine has no place in reality a term, weight gain, but does not help a person lose their appetite. Loss of appetite is important for an obese person to lose weight. The truth is that there are other equally effective drugs that exercise and a controlled diet. Phentermine is a pill to complete the process faster and not a substitute for them.

Are mental or physical obstacles regime

At last count, "plan" word more than 157 million web pages of diet plans, pills, potions and institutions has funded health tips, diet companies, dieticians and other manufactured way - everywhere. And yet, we are approaching the peak of the epidemic of obesity that causes untold misery and mental depression, in addition to increasing debilitating diseases to those who are overweight or obese, respectively. With a wealth of information available that - how is that possible?

The trend is relentless and is only smoking in relation to leave on the cause of self-inflicted premature loss of life, but their fate in the five years after being overweight is sure to take the number one position. Mother Nature is relentless in his approach to life that allows only the strongest survive, and the development that we see today is your response to the impact of a regime for the well-being of the body is not unique and the human spirit. We just have to stop, step back and take a look around to see who is not a damn serious problem. No need statistics, reports or media to say how. It is clear that we as humans have a change in what we do when we repent not intend the current trend of obesity. The ultimate responsibility lies with each and every one of us to act for ourselves.

We have the fact that the food industry is a host of the contradiction in which the food to be on both sides of the same products that we manufacture, overweight or obese in the first instance sold to accept. It is now so evident in our supermarkets. He was human nature that the benefit is greater weighting to human health, and this is evident in many industries around the world, and is far from unique in the circuits. Also remember that merger, while portraying a touch of interest and concern, in reality they are totally dependent on their failure to have food for their own survival of the company. If they good at what they do - and certainly not their business. So we can trust as ourselves. The evidence is clear, there is no debate.

We offer a break to take in the future, but will, but not now. Science and Technology increases the possibility of a miracle drug to the growing understanding of the human genome and genetic engineering. But in reality it is like to want or dependent on diet drugs may continually every day because of the lack of understanding of the relationship between the food that our bodies are designed for and the food we eat to be. Why knowingly overeat when we know is bad for us, and we hurt ourselves? Why is it that the only time that we decide our food is to be ignored if we are to eat it!

So it's a psychological thing, thing, or both?

To answer this, we must first look at the changes in our diet in the last 50 years. Trends in consumption of refined carbohydrates such as sugar rose dramatically, but at the same time the consumption of fat and protein is relatively stable. Saturated fats actually become and remain a problem, but at the moment the total consumption of saturated fats happiness has declined slightly, but remains a problem.

Numerous studies, especially in the context of research, such as the Atkins diet showed that the effect of carbohydrates and refined fats have both a form of addiction that is associated with them. Studies have shown that the refined sugar have resulted play havoc with the delicate balance to maintain the level of glucose in your blood. This has a negative impact on our hormonal activity such as insulin and glucagon, which are both responsible for maintaining normal blood sugar levels after a peak consumption refined carbohydrates in our diet. This acceptable level of glucose in the blood are maintained at surprisingly narrow limits.

Therefore, refined sugar induced excessive hormone activity in the attempt to establish homeostasis. These "changes" contrary to nature into the hormonal balance often create different atmospheres happy and content to be over the edge and even feelings of anxiety or panic sad. Prolonged exposure to these hormonal changes can often be the whole process is less efficient and subsequently diabetes may be the result.

Other studies have surprisingly shown that the effect of consumption of large quantities of fat actually led to an unexpected reaction with respect to the human diet. You might think that eating fatty foods would satisfy hunger effect. But medical research has shown the opposite to be incredibly true. Clinical studies have shown that fatty foods actually cause people to eat more and not less. If the results of these experiments were pioneers as the antithesis of the nutritional think about it.

It is also interesting to note that new medical studies have suggested that high protein foods have brought the answer that enough food has been consumed in combination. In other words, it is estimated that proteins somehow triggered the response "I'm busy."

And then, of course, is the massive change in our energy consumption. We used to hunt and gather food, but now we are happy pop to the supermarket to buy it, or worse, have it delivered to our doorstep. The food was rare in abundance (at least for us), and we have "sleep" gone from "active" relative. Move eat less and ... what can we expect?

And many believe that the fact that can not train trigger the body's response to slow down your metabolism and fat layers under the skin build for two main reasons, all together on the survival of humanity. In evolutionary terms, it may be that you will receive no "hunting" and no food. Reduce the metabolic rate of the body it makes sense to save energy. Second, if food is during a wave of any company, would not make sense to create pile layers of fat under the skin to maintain body heat and "lean" a source of energy for the potential. The meaning of the world, perfect design and do not yet understand, and if we do that, many choose to ignore the warning signs offer body.

Essentially, it is therefore clear that part of the problem in the world power we for people is probably a physicist who is related with the interaction of the types of foods that we eat our body. And of course, in the last 50 odd years, our diet has changed beyond recognition, but does our body what it has done for most of the last 100,000 years. We are in the 21st century, our body is still in the "Stone Age". Evolution is a slow process, but over millions of years, slow process that connection and reaction of chemicals in our food to body cells and was built in cast iron, for eons.

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Hoodia to suppress appetite and weight loss

Occasionally, you hear a lot about something that you need to get more information. Hoodia is one of the substances, I always hear it again only if some research and wanted to convey.

Hoodia is a cactus-like plant found in parts of Africa. It is available from all forms of Hoodia, Hoodia gordonii is announcing its appetite suppressing benefits seems. Some people may like the fact that Hoodia is not a stimulant, but it is believed that Hoodia is very strong signals from the brain to the stomach to send a signal, even if it is not. Signals are reported much stronger than the signals transmitted by sugar.

Hoodia is relatively new on the market for those of you who are not experienced with themselves; you may want to wait for further studies on Hoodia. I see the situation, there have been all studies about Hoodia and weight loss - but I found a lot of anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotal evidence is valid and sometimes hype scientific evidence shows sometimes.

If Hoodia seems to be a non-stimulant appetite suppressant, then I could see trying to reduce the charity dinner, those who have trouble eating several small meals throughout the day, and they tend to be overcome by desire,

Remember, supplements are just one tool in your weight loss / healthy lifestyle Arsenal.

If you decide to buy Hoodia, make sure that you are. In a society that is known to be reputable and reliable Buy

The jury is still out on hoodia and weight loss and appetite suppression, but anecdotal evidence seems to mount in a promising way.

Sometimes anecdotal evidence led to scientific studies. (As with creatine and weight lifting) So if you are ready to experiment and your doctor has approved Hoodia may be worth a try.

I wish you good health,

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The problem with most diets low in carbohydrate-rich proteins

Do they work? Yes - you lose weight initially on a high protein / low carbohydrate value, but 90% of their initial weight loss is water. And that's where the problems start.

What happens after your body thrown its weight of water? It starts to burn fat then left because no carbohydrates to burn energy, it starts to burn protein - your muscles. These diets to induce, as ketosis, which is really an unhealthy condition in people with kidney disease and the metabolic control of diabetes found known. It is normally found in healthy people. Burning protein is not healthy because protein is the building material of nature and is vital for the repair and reconstruction of cells, tissues and organs of the body. To minimize Proponents of low-carb / high protein / fat diets ketosis and claim that this is evidence of burning fat from the body. This is partly true. Ketosis burns fat, but also ultimately burn muscle tissue in your body.

If you've ever been one of these diets, you have noticed that your urine is yellow. This is because ketones, which is a byproduct of ketosis. This is proof that your body burns muscle tissue and break is protein. This is dangerous because if too much protein in the body is broken down you could suffer irreparable liver and kidney damage. Other symptoms of muscle breakdown is evident in general weakness, fatigue and lack of energy.

Another thing to consider about low-carb / high protein is that during the process of ketosis your body also breaks down fatty acids and converts them to be used as fuel in ketones and ketones. A side effect of this is that your body loses important minerals such as potassium and sodium. This reduces the level of thyroid hormone, which in turn slows down metabolism and thereafter the rate of weight loss. Furthermore ketosis can your cholesterol levels which is definitely not a safe place to increase.

Once you back to take a lot of weight and then some.

It is a simple way to avoid this. Do not restrict your diet to one food group or food category.

Instead of blindly cutting carbs and increasing the intake of fat and protein, you should opt for a healthy ratio of 30% protein, 15% fat and 55% complex carbohydrates. This report will help you to steadily and safely lose weight. The key, fat and carbohydrates in simple carbohydrates is generally reduced.

Another disadvantage of the diet that is high in fat / low carb that studies show that the less carbs you eat is likely that more fat is consumed. And the excess fat stored in the fat cells of the body where last indefinitely, clogging the arteries with bad cholesterol. Therefore, the more fat you eat more will keep your body no matter how little you eat carbohydrates, even if you eat no carbs at all.

Now here is the secret of eating complex carbohydrates. Because complex carbs have a low glycemic index your body has to use 250% more energy to convert these carbohydrates into fuel, convert the fat into fuel. Your body works harder to metabolise and burn calories from complex carbohydrates, makes the high-protein / low carb. The result? , Systematic Weight Loss Safe - the best way to get through to quickly lose health problems and sagging skin weight to avoid.

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Embracing a healthy lifestyle with phentermine

Abnormal weight gain is a sign of a healthy health. It is a sign that the body is preparing to various health factors such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc. In addition, the adaptation of our lifestyle with a heavy body can suffer greatly hindered our daily lives. We tend to get tired and soon fell as rest all the time. It is therefore very necessary to keep a check on our increasing weight and try to keep the fat in our body.

Obviously, there are ways to retain our place of health and free from obesity. A daily routine of healthy eating and exercise in a gym that can help us in the long run, a lot. But after a routine on the right is a very tedious affair and stay in touch with him every day, it is not always possible. This type of irregularities in a balanced health routine creates trouble in our body and our body overweight and fat to protect. To overcome these problems effectively and with positive results, medical science has shown that if a diet pill is a life is added every day, the problem of obesity can be solved later. On this pretext, Phentermine diet pill proved to be very productive. Satisfactory results are identified by users. Therefore, approved by the FDA as an appetite suppressant way back in the paths of the year 1959a

Phentermine diet pills stimulate the hypothalamus in the brain and inhibit neurotransmitter that drive us to eat at any time have. To help suppress your appetite for a longer period. That is why it has been shown that much better results are obtained when the daily routine of health added.

Like any medication, the use of Phentermine also shows side effects. Headache, dizziness, dry mouth is common. However, clinical studies have shown that the body is normally used after a few days of use. It is a prescription drug and doctor recommends checking for correct and safe dosage.

The grid is actually healthier

People to question the nutritional effects of barbecue because they were concerned about the fat content of traditional grills, such as hot dogs and hamburgers. This concern is valid, but can be easily avoided by substituting skinless chicken and fish.

Unfortunately, the researchers say it is still a concern for effects on the health of the grid without animal meat; when cooked in the intense heat of the grill substances which have clearly shown that carcinogens (substances that can initiate cancer development) is. And development of these materials, regardless of low-fat or high in fat, red meat and white meat is on the grill.

In a landmark report on diet and cancer risk, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) notes that the meat - is cooked, natural substances that amines (HCA) are responding to the high heat of heterocyclic compounds called - contains red or white color, which have been associated with an increased risk of cancer in animal studies in conjunction risk. More cooking time and temperature, the higher these carcinogens are formed.

Studies in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showed that people who often eat three to five times more likely less likely to develop breast, colon and stomach too brown or meat very well done, this they eat. Rodent studies have shown that they are breast (breast) tissue propagation HCA and cause changes in the genetic material in a cell. However, there is no evidence that this process occurs in humans.

Does this mean that if you care about your health, you must banish the grill? Not necessarily. Researchers say that people like barbecue affects the risks. B. marinate meat or poultry, as briefly before cooking reduces the amount of HCAs by 96 percent is made. Especially meat for two minutes in the microwave pre-cooking just before cooking prevents normally formed 90 percent of the HCA.

Avoid black characters often form during cooking, as it focuses mainly on carcinogens. Another concern carcinogens from smoke. You may want to limit their contact with the flesh of the smoke and reduce the risk, if you lift the gate slightly above the fire and choose lean cuts of meat and remove all visible fat so it can not flow and cause smoke. Place the food in a piece of container also prevents smoking.

The rest of the meal may reduce the risk of toast too. Antioxidant vitamins and phytochemicals found in fruits, vegetables and soy products seem some of the HCA will not block cell damage. Studies from Oregon State University demonstrate that substances in tea increases the body's ability to detoxify and excrete HCA before their damage.

Look at the overall balance of your meal. AICR recommends that all meals, animal protein such as meat, poultry and seafood should not exceed one third of your plate occupy. This is especially the grill. Limiting their portion of meat, HCA and exposure to other carcinogens limiting. And a healthy dose of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, lots of fight against cancer, nutrients and health-promoting phytochemicals is obtained. If you want to grill some of these vegetables, it is not a problem because animal protein, the reaction occurs only in foods of HCA.

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What is the truth about Hoodia

If you want to lose weight, you probably have the praise given the recent natural remedies belongs - Hoodia. So it's as good as they say? How this works? And most importantly - it will help you lose weight?

The study showed the hunger OFF

The most frequently reported study to promote Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss supplement was given with obese people, the Hoodia in a room with breakfast and allowed to distract them except TV, performed reading and eating. This means Group 1000 calories per day less than the control group to an active ingredient in Hoodia placebo.The the brain seems completely say stomach. There is no hunger pains can eat less, which obviously lead to an average weight loss.

AFRICA BUSHMAN Hoodia to suppress the appetite for long trips
Hoodia Gordonii is an African cactus that grows naturally in the Kalahari Desert. For thousands of years the Bushmen in this region have eaten Hoodia gordonii patients such as palpitations or other experience without apparent side effects supplements.In ephedrine seems to be the only known side effect of a good overall impression. However, the Bushmen use Hoodia Gordonii sparingly and additional studies are needed to investigate the possible side effects of regular doses over a longer period.

Hoodia gordonii weight loss HELP?

The molecule gordonii the ability to suppress the Hoodia, which has now led P.57 as low appetite, seems human and animal activity. One study showed a decrease in appetite by 30-40%. Personal experiences are not documented, so it is important not necessarily to change the immediate effects of eating Hoodia Gordonii.It isolated molecule in hoodia appetite to eat carbs or sugar diets or to observe if the hunger caused by exercise. Although the table p.57 brain that the body is full signal, sugar drops and suitability for effects.As counter with any weight loss program, you need to adjust your diet and lifestyle experience profound changes. The appetite suppression should not substitute for a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Fast Weight Loss for Special Occasions

You all have been there, the marriage of the family is coming next month and can not seem to get in that suit or dress because you gained too much weight. So you have to quickly lose at least ten pounds or more.

Losing weight quickly is not advisable as most of the loss of muscle tissue and water; Gain weight slowly (usually over years) so normally you should take it slow and then you will know that his most of the loss of body fat.

But you have a problem and time is running out and you look hard enough. To achieve their goal of weight loss diet The first look, you all know that diets do not work; send the body into starvation mode, a long era of survival mechanism when human face in times of famine.

Go to calories causes the body to lower its metabolic rate, which reduces its ability to burn fat. At the same time increase hunger signals and you will quickly begin to foods that are high energy charged fat and sugar, the same foods that are trying to do without are long.

Research shows repeated regime makes it harder to lose weight and easier because when you put the diet dump and return to normal eating habits the drop in metabolic rate through diet causes means that represent your old habits, excess calories , Not just lost fat reserves, but also perhaps even win a little more.

With this knowledge, you really do not want to sit through this rigorous process, but for this special occasion, you are. But first you need to increase your metabolism, which was reduced in the diet. To do this, you will have a workout "train the force" that the first spike generating metabolism. Increasing the muscle mass of the body weight, increase your metabolism, burning fat along the way.

The technique of strength training with requires just twenty to thirty minutes per week. Gone are the days of the week, a five-day program with 6-12 sets per body part that, method has never worked. A short intensive training weight per week will keep your metabolism more than you ever raise possible.

While calories exercise is important, increased metabolism is terminated after the exercise especially after strength training for a long time to burn calories at the same time.

The two main components of this technique are the intensity of the exercise and recovery after exercise. ,, Workouts with high weight in the short rare intensity, followed by the amount of time needed to recover and become stronger is what is needed to increase functional muscle and lose body fat.

How to lose body fat and muscle is to have a food program for life. The quality of the food and more energy output are the basics you need to go. Great foods that fill you up and not do, the foods that are low in fat and sugar, which should not be refined to be the ideal.

Small frequent meals should be consumed during the day each to get a little protein to a level of muscle mass and energy. An addition of vitamins and minerals wide range of high quality must be taken daily.

As before, the calories from high quality food received, but if you can not use a blender to make concoctions from skim milk with additives that you want to use, as long as you keep track of your total calories daily.

Now use these blender mixtures and solid food for their daily meals. It spread over several small meals per day instead of the traditional three meals per meal of the day. How to track, maintain weight loss, is to buy a calorie counter and record your daily calorie intake for a week.

On average, how many calories you consume with the use of a meter per day for seven days and diet plans calories, once you have this figure subtract 1000 calories and this is the number of calories that you will be targeted.

Note that a pound of fat contains 1000 calories per day to lose 3500cals total 7000 is this week, who lost two pounds through diet alone. Another technique for the low-calorie diet is to control your fat intake, because it has the most calories.

Activity is also very important if you want to lose so much weight in such a short time, the increase in activity may be at least a book to be added per week The best exercise for the purpose of fat loss is fast walking either within or on the conveyor belt to the outside.

Go blowing slightly and hold that rate until the allotted time. If your aerobic activities leave you panting or breathless, go too hard, your energy comes from your carbohydrate reserves and not from your fat reserves. Try brisk walking for an hour a day every day of the week.

Now you have an experienced coach, I would not recommend this type of program for my clients. Weight loss is too fast and the program would be very difficult to obtain because of the very low calorie intake.

I advise my customers, reduce your calories only 500 per day (and no more) below their maintenance levels and they are 1-2 pounds of body fat to lose every week, safely, with no desire to interrupt their lifestyle.

Remember, think long term here, which is lost between 30 and 50 pounds of fat in six months. Faster and all you lose is water and precious muscle tissue.

The weight loss program that worked for me

The plan worked for me

I had many questions and problems with my weight. It had a big impact on my life that I had hit my confidence and low self esteem around.

A few years ago I decided to do something to try to lose some of my excess fat. I had many different types of food most do not seem appropriate for me and to me it sounded disgusting part.

I have chosen to self-help, I do it my way. I knew that exercise should be a factor, but was not ready to be a gym. Gyms seem full of people who are already thin! I started walking more instead of driving everywhere, and I started to play tennis, but I must admit that rather than waste. I'm not exactly athletic person and was basically all year, which I did.

The main reason is that I was overweight because of my poor diet. I like the kind of food you eat does not say. I love pizza, curry, chips, peanuts and especially alcohol. Most people I know say that I cut my diet completely- all realistic! Sorry, this is impossible, I would appreciate it too.

I thought about what to do and decided I was going to start writing down everything I ate. I would eat a healthy breakfast and then not try to eat until lunch. I am a person who likes to try, eat chips and chocolate in particular. I could not eat anything until lunch would be difficult, but I had a plan. Whenever I hunger and thirst for food ate polo-mint or home as clean teeth. It sounds crazy, but it worked for me! Do not eat between meals and my dinner. Dinner would be my most important meal of the day and be what I wanted, including the chips belong. On weekends I always offer a snack and allow some alcohol.

This power requires a lot of discipline and character, but they do not exercise much or cut any type of food from your diet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Write to the success of weight loss

Motivation is the key to success equation for variable long-term weight loss. The question is, how can you motivate, stay to achieve the ultimate goal? Whether your goal is weight loss of 20 pounds or 100 pounds, you need to change your thinking to change your behavior and writing makes that happen.

Weight loss really begins in the mind. Every successful athlete understands that his thinking process is either working for him or against him. The same is true for the weight loss. If your internal dialogue is negative, your results will eventually manifest the same result! You can not downgrade you to a new health! You need to work your mind, that you build and maintain your resolution change all important motivator.

Writing is an exercise that will help change your mind your way of thinking! It allows you to deal with negative emotions and helps to create positive change. Start with these simple exercises:

1. Negative Emotions Daily Dump: Many success coaches advocate writing your negative thoughts on a daily basis. Just spend about 15 minutes to write all the frustration, bad feelings, and discouragement. This allows you to deal with these bad feelings on your system, so you can make room for positive affirmations. Not read the entries and does not keep. Write it, then throw it away. This is called negative emotions pour daily.

2. Confirm your goals: Prepare a list of instructions to help your subconscious mind to work with your conscious brain to any significant changes in behavior. Then write your affirmations at least twice daily. Be rid of once each day to their negative emotions after writing. The negative not throw away without adding positive affirmations. You should always end with him. Enter the second number of statements, either immediately before bedtime or first thing in the morning. Read your affirmations several times a day.

3. Understand their motivations: to maintain motivation must understand your real reasons for weight loss. In other words, why you want to lose weight. Not why your spouse or friends you want to lose weight but why losing weight is important to you. Do you really want more energy? Do you like skinny clothes? Want to be in an activity that would be easier if you were slim and healthy to participate? Write these motivations in detail, so that it can solidify and you can take in order to motivate you through the entire journey of weight loss in your head.

4. Accountability: Keep a food diary. Keep a food diary has been proven time and again to increase your success in weight loss of almost 50%! A food diary is the accountability factor. It keeps you honest with yourself.

5. Display: enjoy parts of your weight loss program, you struggle to do. For example, if you do not want cardio part of the day, you begin to love to see. Think of it as "his" time. "It may take some time to read while you're on the stationary bike be. Or your time watching all these movies that you feel guilty looking at any other time. Once you start to see positive feelings about an activity , the activity is easier.

6. Pat-On-The-Back: Keep a written record of your weight loss success. When writing your weight loss once a week to validate their efforts and give yourself a pat on-the-back. This goes a long way in keeping you on track.

Note that if you use the help of a personal or professional weight loss coach techniques to help deal with their self-destructive habits. This might feel harsh and negative, but it is not. Honesty is necessary to change and what is different from you sink to motivate! Sometimes we have to listen hard to make change difficult words. Note that these professionals seek their ultimate success. Your success is your success. Face it, the weight gain started with you and need to change this behavior may deal with uncomfortable feelings. A good coach can help you to feel loved, while the fact that you deal with your bad habits. It's good to be pushed over his comfort zone to a better you!

Writing is the new "exercise" that do all the rest of your weight loss efforts, including good nutrition, exercise and strength training work for you because you work with these principles instead of against. You will begin to see these techniques weight loss as a positive and lasting part of your life rather than a temporary device. This is in faster results, which lead to last forever!

His anchor, how to prevent your weight loss goals

Anchors are the reasons for the stick to each behavior. The ankles were highly repetitive memory associations, which are activated by the five senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. They are constantly anchored his life in different ways. For example, when you hear a certain song brings back a memory of a particular person or place in time, this is an audio or an anchor triggered by your hearing anchor.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and noticed that something about them that reminds you of someone or something else? This is a visual anchor point or caused by his sense of sight anchor. So far, all the anchors were installed in your subconscious mind by someone else or by accident, and in most cases, you were not even aware of. Now, for the first time, through the process of Burris MIND / FITNESS, you can learn a reaction or behavior that you want to anchor and still get the desired results and again, until you are guaranteed at their ideal weight.

It is important to understand that your subconscious can, without even taking the time to think about what he does, think be turned into a negative anchored behaviors. It is this kind of behavior that is responsible for the worst eating habits. I refer to this behavior as "no thought of food." At the time of "No thought Manger" Your subconscious has no regard for what you do and where your conscious mind is not even aware that something is going on.

A good example of this is when you fear, anger, guilt, or boredom feel. Looking for something to eat immediately, even if you are not hungry. In most cases, you are for what your comfort foods that look all that call high in sugar, fat or both. Suppose you have a bag of cookies, no doubt you eat and before you know it, you eat the whole bag to find. Sometimes during this frenzy "You did not think Manger" consciousness awake to what is happening. Stop overeating and now feel fear, guilt, anger or boredom; You probably also feel a little sick. The first thought that comes to mind is: "Why do I like that I can not even hungry!" How many times have you done this counter negative question "Why do I have to eat?"

The second question is your subconscious triggered into action, a response that in turn to find a correlation of images. Surprise, surprise, you will not find in your subconscious eating behavior program? Were found, cookies to eat because you feel fear, guilt, anger or boredom. Of course he did it because it exactly as it was programmed as a child, fear, guilt, anger or boredom to respond. Also, here is your subconscious mind that response and the correlation that being overweight and use it to further anchor image for the early childhood program.

This is where the fun begins, what you need to do to throw their negative behavior of the existing anchor to change ", without thinking about lunch?" You simply restructure your question in the negative form of "Why do I like that?" If you feel that: in a positive manner to the question "How can I stop thinking that not eating when I feel terrible me, guilty, angry or bored," your subconscious mind is now a positive answer to your new positive questions as produce anxiety, guilt, anger or boredom, you can find an activity that you like instead of food. restored this new replies photos Empowerment correlation moves towards its ideal weight. It allows question is simple = very positive and positive results allowed.

Since it is important that you are always aware of your inner voice, to make sure all your questions are themselves positive and ensure that we maintain a positive emotional state forever.

Soon, your goal is regime change for weight loss to take an increase in your fitness program or control of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Ultimately, the question you should ask yourself is ... Am I completely happy with the mind running itself or can take control of it? If your answer is that I have to take control of it, then Burris MIND / FITNESS is the answer.

The health of the body depends on your mental health and the control of the subconscious mind is the key to lasting change of location of each behavior.

Weight loss for women to stay slim 5 Solutions

So, congratulations! You lost some weight! Well, how can you keep the weight off?

If you've spent weeks or even months of effort and sacrifice, you do not want your mood to fall, as you begin to scale. For most of us, regardless of our approach to weight loss, weight gain is a real possibility. But it is inevitable?

Follow these five your balance and stuff will sit:

1. If you win a book, you lose! People successfully maintaining weight loss weigh at least twice a week. To weigh choose regular hours of the day and the ordinary days of the week, and take a picture. If you find that you are a pound or two, structured and follow a healthy diet for the extra weight comes off.

2. Always have snacks instead of planned grazing. To fight, spontaneous snacks rampant, plan some snacks balanced everyday that you can measure and appreciate. Forget contain complex carbohydrates and protein snack. If you feed a bit more often, you are less likely to graze mindlessly.

3. Balance your treats with healthy choices. You can have an occasional treat, but unhealthy choices can occasionally. Keep small candy, so you do not get a big point of sugar or unrefined carbohydrates. And if you have to eat sugar or unrefined carbohydrates, eat some protein, so you do not crash your blood sugar levels in the blood and cause cravings for more of the same.

4. Allow your trigger foods and avoid. All you have to do is look and you know certain foods you eat. Do not keep snacks in plain site around your home. Storage. If you go to the pantry or refrigerator for snacks go, you need to keep trigger foods in your house completely.

5. Experience and use the tools that work for you. Many schemes hate the act of writing, what they eat. A little aversion to exercise. Others hate weigh and measure their food. Others do not give up refined sugar and no carbs. You must be honest with yourself when. These tools have been proven to work. Therefore, experiment with all the tools available to you and use that work.

Weight gain is not inevitable, but it must take steps to avoid it. Applying these solutions to make your life and the maintenance is easy and satisfying weight.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cost for bariatric surgery

The cost of obesity surgery can be very high. The typical price of an operation can be $ 25,000 or more. Health insurance varies by state and insurance provider, although some states have laws requiring insurers weight loss surgery for patients offer, provided that it meets the hygiene standards by the National Institutes of Health set, other states do not. This means that patients who would benefit from obesity surgery often have with suppliers who have not yet accepted that this type of weight loss surgery can be powerful medical benefits that they save in the long run to handle money supply. A patient in this problem you need to work with your doctor to show that the health insurance that the proposed operation is not to minimize a cosmetic procedure, but potentially life-saving surgery future health problems.

People who are looking for bariatric surgery on Medicare and will be glad to know that covers weight loss surgery for patients with morbid obesity or obesity-related condition. Morbid obesity is defined as 100 or more pounds overweight, or Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more.

Of course, the cost at the end do not even have a patient successfully underwent bariatric surgery. Because weight loss can be significant, many people with loose skin that has more flexibility to adapt to the new, extended sagging are allowed. Since neither exercise nor diet will help tighten sagging skin, many obese patients choose plastic surgery as a cure. The cost of the related weight loss plastic surgery can vary considerably, depending on the condition of the patient, complications, type of anesthetic and other factors.

Some of the most popular methods for post-bariatric surgery are: tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), body lift (for panniculectomy device), lifting (lifting arm), breast lift, breast augmentation or reduction, face and / or neck and face lift Thigh lift.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

They are useful supplements weight loss

No matter what you do - surfing the Internet, surfing cable, or flipping through your favorite magazine - you will see many ads that complements the magical qualities of weight loss to find funding. Weight loss supplements come in all shapes and sizes, and a number of requirements and solutions. And there are all sorts of requests - pills, patches and creams. But these remedies really work? Only you can decide for yourself. Let's look at some of the products popular weight loss and positive benefits and negative effects of each, so you can have your own opinion.

Aurantium Bitter Orange, Citrus, orange and bitter: These are produced directly from concentrated extracts from orange peel. They often claim that increase metabolism, but no conclusive evidence that underpins this. Sour and bitter orange Citrus aurantium contains synephrine orange stimulant that can cause hypertension and cardiovascular toxicity. People with heart disease, hypertension and glaucoma should avoid these at all costs.

Chrome (product examples chromium picolinate include Puritan pride chromium, vitamin world, of course, free Inspired yeast chromium picolinate, Nutrilite Trim Advantage): Claims that chromium increases weight loss and improves body composition were an important study that was the case the support shown. There are two types of trivalent chromium (which the body needs, and at a dose of 200 micrograms or less secure than daily) and Hexavalent (but this form can withstand discomfort, stomach ulcers, convulsions , kidney and liver diseases and cause death).

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) (Examples of this include Vitamin World CLA, Nature Made CLA, Now Foods CLA): This product is intended to promote leanness, but there are very few studies that actually support arguments marketing. Although more research is needed, CLA is generally safe.

Ephedra / Ephedrine: Ephedra can help you lose weight by suppressing appetite, and research has shown to be effective when used with caffeine. However, ephedra causes high blood pressure, stroke, and serious heart problems if the sale of dietary supplements containing ephedra was banned in April 2004.

7-Keto Dehydroepiandrosterone (7-Keto DHEA): Preliminary research indicates that studies of this product decreased body weight and fat composition by increasing metabolism necessary, but larger.

The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and Garcinia Cambogia: These products claim to suppress appetite and increase fat metabolism. Although studies show mixed results, which are generally safe.

L-Carnitine L-Carnitine is designed to prevent obesity, but there is little evidence of their effectiveness.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), pyruvate and dihydroxyacetone and pyruvate (DHAP): A few small studies suggest that these supplements may modest effects on weight loss is necessary, but the search. You know no serious side effects reported today.

Lecithin, guar gum, psyllium hulls, chickweed, and Chitosan (Examples: Chito-Trim, Exercise in a Bottle, Fat Blocker

Some ideas about developing good eating habits

Almost everyone knows that good eating habits are important for good health and well-being, and many people seem to ignore this fact, many people actually try to eat well, but part of the problem and why the main number of people n 't seem able to maintain good eating habits is so much misinformation and lack of information.

Are the choice of meals and the large amount of advertising for many of these foods often with misleading claims about their food values​​, it would be logical to think that it is easier in the right direction and the right food choices bad area be performed , In the many diet plans, weight equation, and the amount of new cookbooks to lose fashion to eat advantage of the latest fashion revolutionary healthy foods and have a wide range of conflicting information coming at you from all sides!

So what should you do to develop good eating habits? Well, here are some guidelines to get you well on your way to better eating habits, one more reason.

1. Prepare yourself for success
For starters, you must be mentally prepared. Plan in advance what you will eat for the week, write for yourself, please fill these foods and make it happen!

2. The protein is crucial
Be sure to eat some form of protein at every meal, including breakfast.

3. Eat less bread and refined starches
Reduce the amount of bread and pasta you eat. Do you eat when you eat your meal as lunch noodles and pasta or bread is whole grain.

4. Limit your intake of milk
Drink skim milk, eat low fat or no fat cheese and low-fat yogurt, but check the yogurt, some low-fat yogurt has a very high sugar content!

5. Do not overdo FRUIT
Not more than 2 per day and use just the right kind of fiber. Apples, pears, plums and fruits are the best. Avoid fruit juices that are loaded with sugar!

6. Eating nuts
Stay here with moderation. A cup of pistachios, almonds or cashews quarter are not only delicious, but a good source of protein.

7. Reduce the parts
When at home, use smaller plates. If you go, order the smaller size or a size, get a dog carrier in advance and put half of your meal into it before you start eating. You will feel better and have a good meal at a later time to eat again.

8. Drink plenty of water
Water has many benefits for health and nutrition in general. Many are hungry due to lack of water. Drink plenty of water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and reduce anxiety.

9. Go meatless for a meal UPDATE
Try eating one meal a day without meat. For example, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of a hamburger. Reduce the bad fats and increasing fiber and protein.

10. Do not skip breakfast
A good breakfast gets your metabolism. Use beans using at least 5 grams of fiber, and not more than 8 g of sugar and skimmed milk.

11. Seafood
Water eating canned tuna and salmon; they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help protect the heart. You must have seafood 2-3 times per week.

12. Bring your lunch
Instead of eating lunch all the time, make your lunch and only eat lunch once a week. Save money and find their food good stuff like whole grain bread, lean chicken or ham and fruit or vegetables.

The fact is that, when simply use these as a way to develop a healthy eating plan, you will be well on your way to diet development and paves the way for a lifelong journey to better health.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Geeting it starts with a program of weight loss is simply

Many people who want to lose weight. The impression we have is really mentally focused on starting. We intend to give a specific date, we care and we Fuss on the next version and the trauma of a regime slope.

Relax! Start a weight loss program should be simple and easy and stress free.

First, start small. Do something different, but something that will not make a big impact, traumatic in your life. Try to skip dessert. Eat a cookie one day. Instead of a handful of candy are a part.

If you are interested in losing weight, you're goal is to create a daily calorie deficit. For example, by consuming 1700 calories per day, and spend 2,000 calories a day, your deficit of 300 calories calories. 300 calories is about 1 candy bar.

If you understand that to increase your daily caloric deficit, there are two options that you have to eat fewer calories or increase calorie expenditure through exercise and other physical activities, it is even easier.

Take a walk every afternoon. Use the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Exercising for 30 minutes three days a week, you can significantly increase your calories and improve metabolism.

Here is a short list is displayed so you can easily create a calorie deficit, without the stress of dieting:

1. Do aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging or swimming part of your daily life. See all nights. Have fun. Walk with music or a good friend.
2. Be an early bird and movement in the morning.
3. Stay off the scale. Do not weigh yourself every day. Concentrate on what you feel, not how much you weigh.
4. Develop a desire and focus on his health.
5. Avoid diets and learn to understand that healthy weight loss takes time.

By focusing on the good feeling negative calorie deficit not only see, but be more enegry and lasting shine. It is a new way of life.

It begins with the bed dance

This concept of "Bed-Dancing" has often some laughs ... but I want you to stay here with me, how exactly do I explain what is (and is not) and how you can integrate into your workout routine today.

I will express through after weight loss surgery bariatric gastric bypass RNY the essential B-dance was to start my life very much. This just shoot from the hip!

Definition of Bed-Dancing: This is the best short definition of "the exercise activity specified Exercise includes will minimize on her back in bed to relieve stress and strain on joints and muscles movements placed, if a person is morbidly obese." I could as I do. far from a Webster genius

Right after my surgery, I knew it was important to move my body and start training. The biggest advantage I saw at the time increased my blood circulation, which are necessary to my surgical wounds could be healed. That was my main motivation. And when I weighed 317 pounds, there was no way I "wait" I take an exercise routine because my body was so great, and my arthritis so painful, I could not bear to give an example of stress on the joints and muscles to heavyweight.

I had to insert a master plan on my favorite CD "burning" (Latin music makes me like dancing I feel), put on my sweats and went to my room, as I announced in the House: "Leave me alone for one hour ... .no matter what ", then close the door. When I began, "dance" in the air, OH MY GOLLY ... I could not longer than five minutes! My incision pain, my joints hurt, and I collapsed on the bed, fall deeply disappointed that I can not imagine performing an exercise routine.

But soon, as the CD kept spinning Latin, I found the "mobile" music while I in bed ... WOW ... so I thought, "Hey, I can dance on my back!" So, with legs and arms waving in the air like a floppy fish ... found out how someone who weighs 317 pounds would have ... but not in the traditional way ... but B-dancing! Therefore, the birth of my newly discovered method throws me into a very successful training program often without joints I could do!

But be careful when you talk about Bed-Dancing with others ... start automatically laugh at what you now call the standard "bed activity". (Still red?)

What is Bed-dance:

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If you want a healthy body

The main reason for this is that when they reach the age of 30 years, the muscles of the body begin to decline when they are not used correctly. In addition, our bones occasionally, which are less dense. In some cases, osteoporosis, in fact, a person suffers. Unfortunately, as our muscles begin to shrink so our metabolic rate decrease. It is difficult to hold the muscles and soft body, but there are things that a person can do when the age of 40 years, which can help prevent the loss of muscle mass and keep your metabolism running at a higher level to obtain. You must follow this type of diet and the use of good exercies.

Here are some useful tips on weight.

Tip 1

It is important that you have a full set of two exercises in your workout routine. Those who stretch and flex the body and heart. The inclusion of the two series of exercises in the program are less likely, this type of training injuries.

Tip 2

Never the same routine every day, have a little mix. Then, one day, go for another session in the gym and just go for a walk or bike instead. If you exercise more than less likely, mixed and tired makes it less likely to complete the task. In addition, a variety of your exercise routine are less prone to damage due to overloading the muscles also.

Tip 3

Before starting any type of exercise it is important that you do the right exercises stretching first. If you are working on all the muscles are still tight homes could spell disaster for you. Remember you get older your muscles are not as elastic as they were when they were young. Therefore, stretching before exercise to help or generally during the day relax the muscles and the elasticity for maintenance.

This council is the principle of longer sufficient. and maintaining a healthy body. But as I said, it is only on the basis

Weight loss dizziness What you keep losing

There are literally thousands of weight loss plans and equipment on the market today.

Some are sincere in their promise of weight loss. Some, though sincere in their commitment, are defective in their design. There are others that are obviously wrong.

Analysts predict that the cost of the diet, desperate to lose weight will reach $ 35000000000 per year in the US alone. While the costs are rising, the increasing number of people are obese. Advertising Sales hyperactive as much as you can your diet plans to sell products, demonstrate need in a short time, large amounts of weight loss. Dieter, who are overweight and are desperate to lose weight do these programs and products manufacture.

To lose some weight, but the weight they lost almost all to gain again. Appears on cable TV with overzealous sellers who promise that you want to lose all the weight, while all you want are lies and should not eat to be believed.

Everyone wants a quick fix weight loss, but there is no easy way. No matter what you are trying to sell, they are tried on the absorption of fat burning pills, fat cellulite sell, it's all a big scam, will raise millions of dollars and nutrition with nothing.

Every year see new weight loss books on the shelves for books, magazines, and lead thousands of articles on this topic.

Millions of people have shown that it is easier to lose weight than to receive.

It has shown time and again that they are trying weight by may be effective to lose diet plans for weight loss for a short time, but experts believe that diet is doomed to failure. There is no such thing as quick weight loss diets. No print plans weight loss or television, have experienced no long-term outcome. Ultimately, experts believe that the use of common sense lead to an experience of more healthy diet.

Experts in weight loss can all agree that it is impossible to obtain the weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise is essential.

Watch company in the government medical community dietitians, food industry, health and nutrition helplessly as Americans continue to consume large amounts of food and increasingly obese. Since obesity epidemic, which has led to a relative increase in heart disease, diabetes and many other health problems, weight.

He felt, in every community plans and programs that overweight and obese people lose weight benefit. Do you know what your insecurities and take advantage of them.

Experts warn consumers who are considering a weight loss program should be to do some research on the topic, ask your doctor or look for reputable companies and fitness centers that have knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you have.

You're not doomed to be fat forever

I know you probably think you have to diet to lose weight. But nothing could be further from the truth. With few exceptions, most people are born in normal body weight. But we found the plan.

Dieting causes the body goes into survival mode. Yes regime arouses intense biological urge to consume large amounts of foods high in calories. It causes the body to put the taste buds, all commands except intellectual energy. The body is prepared to maximize food intake and minimize energy burned.

The plans we have established the most basic instinct of the body to fight against our own physical survival.

For comparison, consider how difficult life would be if you were to go to the bathroom on a rigid schedule. What if you only allowed to urinate 3 times a day?

At 8 am, noon and 18.00 can release exactly 5 ounces. You can measure it - of course - to make sure it is the right amount. If I had to walk more, you can force them to wait until the next scheduled time. And even if you have to go for 10 hours, he served until noon.

You'd be miserable. His body would be difficult to maintain a desired schedule. It would probably ugly.

Overeat because your body refuses to starve does not make you a failure. This means that you are a human.

- Do not get sick.
- This does not mean that you're always wrong.
- You can not condemn you definitely sick and trying to recover for the rest of his life.
- This means that you could be the best he did at the time.
- This means that you can forgive and move on.

The food is the most natural thing to do, and your body knows exactly what it takes to live is the best. All you need to do is practice to listen and act on the information. Your body knows what to do. The way we know how to breathe, play and heal.

Think about how children live, we can learn a lot from them ...

- They rest when they are tired.
- Run, jump, swim, dance and play as they can because it feels good and is fun.
- You are picky about what they eat. You hungry rather than settle for something she did not like it.
- They eat when they are hungry.
- Once they are filled, they must be tricked or bribed to eat even a bite.
- You drink when thirsty.
- They love their body and they do not care about how your thighs look or if your stomach is not flat and dense.
- You do not need to think about this. It is naturally just as part of the human being.

All these natural instincts live in each of us, too.

We all have the innate ability to do it ourselves. We just have to remember. We just have to get back into the habit of listening to our body after his wisdom .... Remember, a normal body weight is your birthright. It was stolen from you. Now you get to take it back.

So stop thinking of yourself as fat forever. You're not overweight or condemned to an eternal diet. Stop eating and overweight melted in the past too. They served him well to keep them alive. Once you stop the diet and the body you were born to accept, you can ask that his only return the normal weight.

I'm not saying that everyone is thin model. The tyrannical endless pressure to be very thin is a big part of the problem. Some places are supposed to be soft and curved. Others are naturally strong and nervous. We are different robust, large, fleshy, muscular, nervous, short, etc. It is great beauty in diversity.

Accept and love the unique beauty of the body will heal and deliver you. Be like a child and have joy in the body. Enjoy the power in the muscles. Enjoy the feeling of being alive on this planet. Look a certain way. Be yourself. Let someone else, such as models or celebrities. The world is a better place when it comes to the real, unique, special person you have.

Believe in your own healing. Do you think you can live easily and naturally to your ideal weight. This faith is a big part of what will make you free. A normal diet is quite natural. Basically, you know how it goes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Diet pills health risks

People who suffer from weight problems would like to believe that there is a simple, easy solution to their situation. A quick fix of some sort that will help you lose weight quickly and easily. It is one of billions that bring to people to have been ranked in the promises of results that states with small print, that the statements made were not approved by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) are qualified rotates believe. One of the most important areas of the industry is diet pills. Not only can they harmful side effects, but can make them physically and emotionally addicted.

One of the most dangerous aspects of diet pills is that they are not legally obligated to the review by the FDA before they will be published. However, the FDA is taking action to take a product from the market once it has been proven to be dangerous. What happened in 2003, when the FDA products containing ephedrine (ephedra) after the banned at least for the death of a prominent athlete suspected responsible. Secondly, these pills can buy over the counter and by prescription are. It is up to the buyer to ensure that you understand and use the pills as they were intended. However, some people who are trying to "fix" themselves and their weight problems susceptible to an overdose of pills to try to speed up the weight loss process be more.

Pills work in different ways. Many are appetite suppressants based on active ingredients like phenylpropanolamine or caffeine. Many of them are likely to increase the speed of your metabolism and at the same time it should help to control appetite. Others claim to block the body's ability to absorb fat. Others argue that even give the same results without bariatric gastric surgery. These tablets show in the stomach to create a feeling of satiety. Last but not least, diet pills are based on methods of disposal or body fluid. Many are in some form of diuretic or laxative.

Diet pills can be addictive and can have adverse side effects, even when taken as directed by your doctor. If you have health problems, consult your doctor before taking any kind of diet pill. Be sure to follow and make sure that you are aware of possible side effects instructions. Stop taking the pills immediately if you experience one of them. Some known side effects of diet pills are:

Anxiety or nervousness, irritability, insomnia and a feeling of nervousness or hyperactivity, high blood pressure, chest tightness, palpitations, heart attack, stroke or heart failure, digestive problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation or other pain stomach, fever, dry mouth, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, sweating, hair loss, impaired libido and menstrual disorders andurinary channels.

In case of overdose user tremors or convulsions, confusion or hallucinations, breathing problems, kidney failure or heart attack may experience.

As you can see, diet pills with caution because of all the physical risks should be taken. But there are also emotional risks. Often those who are trying to lose weight may start to feel emotionally dependent on pills. You can have their first successes only diet pills attribute, no changes in diet, exercise or other lifestyle changes that may have been the real reason for the weight loss forget. People will often 'pill hop', trying one new pill after another, looking for the magic formula that they continue to eat what they may want, but still lose weight. However, only a sensible balanced diet combined with exercise has been shown to in plenty of time to lose weight. And no pill makes the lifestyle and emotional changes needed to stop overeating and start losing weight.